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Christmas in Hong Kong - Hongkong zur Weihnachtszeit - Hong Kong Winterfest at Statue Square 2

Christmas season in Hong Kong

A Winter Wonderland without Ice and Snow

I must admit that, as a European, celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong still feels strange to me. In Europe, this season is characterized by teeth-chattering cold weather (ideally, you would even see snow) and Christmas cookies that are piling up in supermarket shelves from August onwards. Christmas lights try to fight off the darkness during the shortest days of the year, mulled wine and punch are needed against the cold of winter. In Hong Kong, it is slightly different:Continue reading

Hong Kong on a foggy day

15 Things I don’t like so much about Hong Kong

Downsides of a megametropolis

No city is perfect. Neither is Hong Kong. Definitely not. This, on the other hand, even increases the city’s allurement and strengthens its character from my point of view. However, I want to fulfil my obligation as a journalist to paint a realistic and authentic picture, so that you won’t call my blog fake news. So, having already told you what I love about Hong Kong, now it is about time to throw the spotlight on what I really dislike about this city.

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Mosque in Brunei Darussalam

Brunei – worth a trip?

48 Hours in the small Southeast Asian sultanate

Brunei Darussalam, „Abode of Peace” – for some reasons the small sultanate which shares a part of the island of Borneo with its neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia had made it onto my bucket list quite a while ago. “What the hell do you want there?”, my boss used to ask me. And, in fact, even my Lonely Planet “Southeast Asia on a shoestring”, the holy bible for backpackers and travelers in South East Asia, dedicates only 12 out of 850 pages to the tiny country in Borneo’s north. However, the attractions that were mentioned there sparked my interest: the best-preserved rainforest of Southeast Asia, the oldest and biggest water settlement in the world and at least two noteworthy mosques – isn’t that something?
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View of Hong Kong skyline after hiking up to Victoria Peak - Victoria Peak hike

Reward yourself: Hike to Victoria Peak

A nice way to escape the concrete jungle of Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s nature is mesmerizing. A pity that most visitors and tourists only plan for a short stay and never get to see the green side of Hong Kong when chasing the supposedly “must see” attractions. But it needn’t be the all-day hiking excursion in the New Territories. There are nice trails on Hong Kong Island, too. Especially the hike up to Victoria Peak is recommendable for many reasons:

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