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Sharp Peak towering above Sai Kung East Country Park

Sharp Peak: The “Needle” of Sai Kung

Hike – Beach – Boat: The Sai Kung Triathlon

Sai Kung in the northeastern New Territories features arguably Hong Kong’s best beaches and – as they pass along these beaches – some of its most beautiful hiking trails, too. Ever since I have hiked the Section 2 of the MacLehose Trail (without any doubt the #1 hike in Hong Kong!) for the first time, I wanted to climb that peak that rose steeply towards the sky somewhat north of Sai Kung’s three “deserted beaches”, living up to its name: Sharp Peak.Continue reading

Vegetarian Xiaolongbao in a steam basket at Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung – a Taiwanese success story

A visit to the place where it all began

Din. Tai. Fung. These three words make the hearts of connoisseurs and Dim Sum-lovers instantly leap for joy. Well-known for its Xiaolongbao, Shanghai-style steamed dumplings, the restaurant became world-famous and has grown to a chain with more than 100 restaurants in many countries all over the world (except for Europe). The Silvercord branch in Hong Kong has been rewarded a Michelin star for more than five years in a row now, which is just the highest of Din Tai Fung’s many awards and positive reviews. The restaurant originated, however, in Taipei. As I recently went there, I couldn’t help but visiting the place from where the success story took its course.
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Most helpful apps and websites for Hong Kong - Die besten Apps und hilfreichsten Webseiten für Hongkong

The most helpful apps and best websites on Hong Kong

Essential help for planning and execution of your Hong Kong trip

Hong Kong is a modern and tourist-friendly city. Everything is also signposted in English and easily understandable. A local SIM card for your stay is affordable, however, if you want to save money on that, you can always find the next WiFi hotspot nearby., as the coverage is pretty good. Furthermore, there are plenty of apps and websites (in addition to “allacrossasia”, of course) which will make planning and orientation for your Hong Kong trip a breeze. Let me show you which sites I am talking about:Continue reading

Lovely Seoul - recommendations for 48 hours in the heart of the Korean capital

48 Hours in the heart of Seoul

Five things to do in the historic centre of Korea's capital

Seoul. Finally! After three business trips to the Korean capital, during which I had not been able to see anything else than my hotel, the meeting location and Incheon airport, finally I had the chance to combine the fourth duty trip to Korea with a weekend for a bit of leisure and sightseeing. A Korean colleague gave me some precious advice for my travel planning and I would like to pass these recommendations on to you, as it turned out to be a great program. So, here are my five highlights for a first visit to the historic centre of Seoul:

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Preparation of Vietnamese Spring Rolls / Zubereitung vietnamesischer Frühlingsrollen 15

Homemade Vietnamese Spring Rolls

An introduction according to the Northern Vietnamese style

If I was forced to say what I like the most about Vietnam, it surprisingly wouldn't be the magnificent landscapes of Northern Vietnam, neither the enchanting old town of Hoi An, the electrifying buzz of Hanoi or Saigon and also not the cheap beer - it would definitely be the Vietnamese food!

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Hong Kong on a foggy day

15 Things I don’t like so much about Hong Kong

Downsides of a megametropolis

No city is perfect. Neither is Hong Kong. Definitely not. This, on the other hand, even increases the city’s allurement and strengthens its character from my point of view. However, I want to fulfil my obligation as a journalist to paint a realistic and authentic picture, so that you won’t call my blog fake news. So, having already told you what I love about Hong Kong, now it is about time to throw the spotlight on what I really dislike about this city.

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Enjoying the beautiful scenery while trekking through Ha Giang in Northern Vietnam 13

Ha Giang: Vietnam “off the beaten track”

Four days of trekking in Northern Vietnam

For many experts, Northern Vietnam is that part of Vietnam that features the most beautiful landscapes. Impressive, considering the beautiful landscapes you can find all over Vietnam, but we got to know that it’s actually true. Whereas most tourists visit the region around Sa Pa, we, however, decided to explore the neighboring province of Ha Giang which was supposed to be equally beautiful, yet less travelled.Continue reading

Pagoda in Nan Lian Garden, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The ultimate guide for Hong Kong with less time

The best recommendations for 6, 24, 48 or 96 hours in Hong Kong

I never grow tired of telling you how much there is to explore, see and do in Hong Kong. Unfortunately enough, most tourists still see Hong Kong rather as a transit destination and only plan for a short stay with not too much time. As these visitors nevertheless want to get the most out of their stay, I wrote this article to show you how to optimize your Hong Kong experience according to the duration of your visit:

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Lantau Trail to Lantau Peak and the Big Buddha

Hike to the max: Via Lantau Peak to the Big Buddha

Crest the second-highest peak of Hong Kong to get to the tallest seating Buddha in the world

Believe it or not, the picture above was shot in Hong Kong! On Lantau Island, to be precise, along the Lantau Trail up to Lantau Peak, the second-highest peak in Hong Kong. This sweat-inducing, yet extraordinarily rewarding hike can be well combined with another main attraction of Hong Kong, the huge statue of Tian Tan Buddha. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the hike and the Buddha:
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