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Skyline of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour, here photographed from Jardines Lookout - surely one of the instaworthy photo spots - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong

#instaworthy – The best photo spots in Hong Kong

A picturesque journey to Instagrammers’ paradise

German travel bloggers Katrin and Sandra from “Littlebluebag” have called for a blog parade on the topic of “Best spots for photography”. In my opinion, that begs for Hong Kong! Here, you can find an unbelievable variety of interesting photo spots, which truly make the city a paradise for Instagrammers and (hobby) photographers alike. From the stunning scenery of Victoria Harbour and Victoria Peak over lively markets, unique delicacies, picturesque parks, green jungle paths, bays and beaches to impressive architecture and fascinating everyday scenes of the streets of Hong Kong – this city is definitely one of the most photogenic places in the whole world! Let me take you on a picturesque journey through this metropolis full of spectacular photo spots:

But, firstly, I must admit that I’m not a professional photographer. Not even close. For me, convenience always beats sophistication. Hence why I always refused to buy expensive photography equipment which I would have to carry around with me all the time, just to end up with the wrong lens and settings in the moment when the snapshot of the century could have been taken… So, I decided to buy the digital system camera Olympus PEN E-PL3 instead of more expensive equipment, as I felt it was the perfect compromise for my intentions. I wanted a camera that rather automatically takes pictures of good quality without the need of too many adjustments and changes in settings. Nowadays, I still carry this camera with me on my trips, but it often stays in the backpack, as meanwhile my mobile phone takes even better pictures and is also more convenient. It is a crazy world, indeed…

However, Hong Kong is that place in the world where almost everyone will eventually become a photographer. There’s just so much to see and explore what you naturally would want to capture and show it to your family and friends at home. Sure, there’s nothing better than seeing it through one’s own eyes, but that’s exactly what I want to achieve with this post: whetting your appetite for a trip to Hong Kong! And in case your budget is tight at the moment or your next holiday is already planned for somewhere else, please have a look at my Instagram profile, where I regularly post pictures of Hong Kong.

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View on Kowloon and Hong Kong Island in the distance from Lions Rock - one of the instaworthy photo spots in Hong Kong - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong

#1 – A different perspective on the skyline and Victoria Harbour

The most popular of all photo spots in Hong Kong? I think it is safe to assume that this is the panorama of Victoria Harbour with the stunning scenery of Hong Kong Island’s skyline in the background. That’s no secret at all. And for a reason, as that view indeed never gets old. However, it is also true that you’ve already seen it several times before. Therefore, I recommend to take a different perspective on the skyline and Victoria Harbour – something not everyone has seen before, something that still “wows” people.

The summits of Devils Peak, Lions Rock (on the Kowloon side) or Jardines Lookout (on HK Island) are such places from where can take spectacular pictures from a different angle.

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Ladies Market - one of the instaworthy photo spots in Hong Kong - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong 3

#2 – Lively Mong Kok markets

In an area with the highest population density in the whole world you will literally stumble from one market into the next one. It starts in the north, close to Boundary Street, with Flower Market and Bird Garden, then continues southward with Goldfish Market, Ladies Market and Sneaker Street. Around the Sai Yeung Choi Street South, you will find street artists performing tricks and stunts on weekends. As I said: at every corner a new and interesting photo spot is waiting for you!

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#3 – Hong Kong Delicacies –insta-yummy!

Hong Kong is heaven on earth not only for Instagrammers, but also for foodies. Thus, here you will find plenty of representatives for the combination of both categories: the so-called “Foodstagrammers”. Lots of foodie blogs have been set up, which regularly test the most recent creations of local star chefs, but also the food stalls next door. For first-timers to Hong Kong, I guess it will be exciting enough just to capture all the “regular” dim sum delicacies that are piling up on your table shortly after ordering. However, there are many more delicacies that are simultaneously instaworthy AND tasty. Just dare to try!

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IFC and IFC Two 2 - one of the instaworthy photo spots in Hong Kong - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong

#4 – Stunning skyscrapers of amazing architecture

When thinking of Hong Kong, most of the people will immediately have a picture of skyscrapers in their mind’s eye. With far more than 300 buildings that reach higher than 150 metres high into the sky, Hong Kong is the world’s number one in this ranking – leading by a large margin compared to New York, Dubai, and others. Many of these skyscrapers feature unique architectural traits:

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Pagoda in Nan Lian Garden - one of the instaworthy photo spots in Hong Kong - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong

#5 – Hong Kong, naturally

While most people will associate Hong Kong with skyscrapers, only a few might link the city with nature. Luckily, though, there is a good number of parks inviting Hong Kongers to take a rest and seek shelter from the noise and hectic of the city. These parks often feature special attractions and offer popular photo opportunities like waterfalls, aviaries, turtle lakes or even flamingoes.

Actually, more than 70 per cent (!) of the whole territory of Hong Kong are green and Hong Kong has some of the world’s best urban hiking trails. Moreover, there are the Outlying Islands, picturesque beaches and bays – all that is Hong Kong, too, and it is worth seeing (and taking pictures of it)!

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#6 – Colorful and Symmetrical: Details in Decoration and Design

Not only its skyscrapers, also the smaller or older buildings of Hong Kong tend to surprise with unique design or colorful facades.

Choi Hung Estate - one of the instaworthy photo spots in Hong Kong - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong

Somewhere over the Rainbow: Choi Hung Estate

One of the best examples is without any doubt the “Rainbow Estate” of Choi Hung in East Kowloon. Rumour has it that the frontages of these buildings have deliberately been painted in rainbow colours to raise the spirits of its residents who often have to live here in very simple conditions.

Today, this is a popular spot for Instagrammers and I don’t know when it was the last time that the sports ground in front of it could be used for its original purpose 😉


Blue House Complex in Wan Chai

Wan Chai has a bunch of colorful houses, too. Especially around the recently restored „Blue House“ in Stone Nullah Lane. The community centre is also home to the small, but lovely museum “Hong Kong House of Stories”, and is well worth a visit.

Omnipresent geometry and design pearls

discoverhongkong“, the official account of Hong Kong Tourism Board, a while ago ran a thematic week on “lines of symmetry in Hong Kong”. It is astonishing, how often you actually stumble upon such symmetry lines or other geometrical elements in Hong Kong. Keep your eyes open and explore for yourself!

Lok Wah South Estate

This row of circular gateways on top of a parking lot in East Kowloon resembles a time portal of an early Sci-Fi movie. This hypnotic spot is one of the most popular Instagram sights in Hong Kong. A nice scene for „trick shots“ and photographic experiments, too.

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Ping Shek Estate

Talking of hypnotic: The famous “look up shot” from the inner court yard of this Hong Kong housing complex seems surreal, yet it is reality. Fortunate Instagrammers are lucky to capture a bird or even a plane in the small square of sky above their heads.

Yik Cheong Building/ Yick Fat Building/ Montane Mansion

This E-shaped hosuing complex in Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island might look familiar to the movie junkies among my readers, as it was featured in block busters like “Ghost in the Shell” or “Transformers: Age of Extinction”. Impressive and oppressive at the same time, how these apartment towers rise up all around you while standing in the unrestrictedly accessible inner courtyard.

The "Monster Building" from Transformers - one of the instaworthy photo spots in Hong Kong - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong

Lai Tak Tsuen

The stairwell to these three unique houses of circular ground plan would be as popular as the above mentioned spots, if it wasn’t for the guards that have been placed here a while ago in order to protect the inhabitants from Instagrammers. Still, some of them have been lucky enough to sneak in (#laitaktsuen). I, however, decided to respect the residents‘ privacy and looked at the pictures of others instead.


Weitere beeindruckende Symmetrien und Design-Hotspots

With its symmetrical design and views on the hilly green panorama of Lantau, Hong Kong International Airport is another instaworthy photo spot. In the heart of Hong Kong Island, some tourists may come across the circular entrance gate to Yue Po Chai Curio Store on the corner of Man Mo Temple at Hollywood Road. Moreover, visitor with an eye for details might realize the simple beauty in the triangular underpass at Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui, even though the rest of the building is ugly as hell.

„Design disciples“ should pay a visit to PMQ on Hollywood Road with its many artists’ workshops and studios. Furthermore, star architect Zaha Hadid who unfortunately passed away recently, left an interesting photo spot at the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hung Hom, called Innovation Tower.

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#7 – Colour for the urban jungle: Street Art in Hongkong

Street Art is becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong and this helps the old and often run-down facades to shine in new splendor. Almost all the internationally renowned street artists have already paid their visit to Hong Kong, watch out for the most recent masterpieces!

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For more information on Street Art in Hong Kong, please also have a look at my article here.

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Big Buddha on Lantau Island - one of the instaworthy photo spots in Hong Kong - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong

#8 – Aura of Meditation: Temples of Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s many temples do not only offer a refuge for silence and self-consideration, they also make for attractive photo spots: Buddha statues, incense sticks and lanterns are highly photogenic!

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Jumbo Floating Restaurant - one of the instaworthy photo spots in Hong Kong - eines der besten Fotomotive in Hongkong

#9 – Water highlights beyond Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong’s territory consists of 1,650km² of water, so don’t focus only on Victoria Harbour – there are many more #instaworthy photo spots on or around water. The historic Star Ferries, the “swimming heritage” of the British period are not the only photogenic boats in Hong Kong: In Aberdeen, there’s the “Jumbo Floating Restaurant”, which can be visited as part of a Sampan cruise through Aberdeen Harbour. From the highest peak in Ap Lei Chau on the other side of Aberdeen Harbour, you can enjoy nice sunset views on Lamma Island.

Speaking of sunsets: Beautiful pictures of the sun descending into the sea can be taken from “Instagram Pier” (I’m not kidding, that’s actually the real name!) in Kennedy Town or – even further to the west – from the insta-popular Sai Wan Swimming Shed.

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#10 – Everyday scenes, everyday wonders: That’s Hong Kong!

In addition to all the photo spots mentioned before, there are just so many everyday scenes in this lively city, ranging from quirky to unique, from shocking to surprising. Superstitious rituals, trams and taxis stuck in rush hour, masses of consumers strolling neonlight-lit streets, picnic meetings of the Indonesian or Filipino domestic helper community on Sundays, etc. – Hong Kong is so exciting and always worth a visit!

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I hope that I could successfully convince you why I think that Hong Kong needs to be listed when it comes to the best places for photography. And best of all: even after years in Hong Kong, you will still be able to discover new corners and motifs, so that you ought to have your camera ready at all times. Or your smartphone, respectively: Convenience over perfection…


Have you been to Hong Kong and have you discovered the beauty of this incredible city through a camera lens? Have you shared these pictures in your Instagram profile? Which ones were your favourite photo spots and which ones are missing in my list? Please let me know and leave a comment in the section below. Thank you so much!

9 comments on “#instaworthy – The best photo spots in Hong Kong”

  1. Beautiful snaps. I particularly like the way you have captures the moods, the market and the beautiful night. Hongkong seems to have many colors, unlike what is normally seen in media – which is always the skyscrappers!! I know now a days carrying a bulky camera sometimes feels too much but at the end of the day, no matter what device you use, if pictures are like these, it makes the day

  2. Wow, we spend only 1 day in Kong Kong while on a South China Sea cruise and now realize we really need to go back. Great pics and tips 🙂

    1. Hi Nathalia,

      I think this is a common assumption that Hong Kong is only good for one or two days of layover. In fact, however, you could easily spend a week here and explore something new every day. You should definitely come back! If so, please check out more of my articles for additional recommendations, also “off the beaten track”


  3. Lovely pics ! We also found Hong Kong to be quite photogenic when we visited 2 years ago. Victoria Harbour is definitely one of the most amazing places to take photos of, but we also loved Lantau Island.

  4. Hong King is truly beautiful. I couldn’t agree less with your pictures. The highlight for me would the Mong Kok market. It looks colorful and lively. I love shopping local markets and those meals are #instayummy!

  5. Gorgeous pictures and if Hong Kong is one of the best places to photograph, we wanna go there!!! 😉 We actually use a heavy and expensive camera so it’s good if we can use it in a lovely spots! 🙂 Awesome post and pictures, thank you!

  6. Wow! Look at all these wonderful spots! It makes me want to visit Hong Kong more than ever! I find my phone much more convenient when I’m traveling than my camera too- sometimes I don’t even bother bringing it on trips! Its good to know I’m not the only one in that boat haha

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