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Best Beaches in Asia Pacific - Die besten Strände in Asien und Ozeanien

Travel Bloggers present the Best Beaches in Asia Pacific

A summary of the “My favourite beach in Asia Pacific” round-up on allacrossasia

The German langauge knows a term called “Fernweh“. This word describes the longing for places far away, the desire to break out of the daily routine and travel to new destinations. Especially in the European winter time, when days are short and cold, people like to dream themselves away to exotic places where it’s warm and life’s easy. The image of dream beaches where one can relax and let go of all the stress and everyday worries becomes very desirable. But where can one find these beaches? Where are the best places which fulfil these desires? To find answers to these questions and provide you with some inspiration for your next vacation, I asked fellow international travel bloggers with focus on the Asia Pacific region about their favourite beaches.Continue reading

Preparation of Vietnamese Spring Rolls / Zubereitung vietnamesischer Frühlingsrollen 15

Homemade Vietnamese Spring Rolls

An introduction according to the Northern Vietnamese style

If I was forced to say what I like the most about Vietnam, it surprisingly wouldn't be the magnificent landscapes of Northern Vietnam, neither the enchanting old town of Hoi An, the electrifying buzz of Hanoi or Saigon and also not the cheap beer - it would definitely be the Vietnamese food!

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Enjoying the beautiful scenery while trekking through Ha Giang in Northern Vietnam 13

Ha Giang: Vietnam “off the beaten track”

Four days of trekking in Northern Vietnam

For many experts, Northern Vietnam is that part of Vietnam that features the most beautiful landscapes. Impressive, considering the beautiful landscapes you can find all over Vietnam, but we got to know that it’s actually true. Whereas most tourists visit the region around Sa Pa, we, however, decided to explore the neighboring province of Ha Giang which was supposed to be equally beautiful, yet less travelled.Continue reading