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“Waiguoren, waiguoren!”

Observations of a foreigner travelling China on his own

Travelling China on your own is definitely an experience. Organizing the trip and necessary transportation is yet only one side of it, the other side of the coin are the people you meet while travelling. The further you get away from the megacities, the more peculiar the behavior of the people will seem to you, but you’ll be able to discover “the real thing”. Especially during a local train ride as sole Westerner among Chinese.

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Fenghuang - The most beautiful small town of China

Fenghuang – The most beautiful small town of China

Romantic old town flair in the middle of nowhere

 Imagine a romantic old river settlement with stilts houses on the riverbank, astonishingly well-preserved Chinese temples and old merchants’ shops, remaining fragments of an old city wall, historic city gates and narrow cobblestoned alleyways in front of a densely wooded green mountain panorama – all in the middle of China – and what you get is Fenghuang. Truly a small pearl in the west of Hunan near the border to Guizhou that justifies the self-given nickname “most beautiful small town of China” absolutely – at least during daytime.Continue reading

Monkey in Zhangjiajie Forest National Park

Zhangjiajie – The surreal beauty of Hunan

An otherworldly experience in the heart of China

Zhangjiajie – as difficult it is for Non-Chinese speaking people to pronounce its name, as hard it is to describe the beauty of this place in the Wuling mountains of Hunan province. Not quite well known to foreigners under its real name, yet it looks familiar to almost everyone. Thanks to the 2009 movie “Avatar”, whose director James Cameron is believed to have taken the picturesque sandstone mountains of Zhangjiajie as a role model for his “floating mountains”. And it is true, at this captivating place you’d except one of those flying dragons to come and pick you up any minute…

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It is an adventure to explore China on your own

Exploring China on your own

How to prepare an individual adventure trip through the Middle Kingdom

Sometimes I get this feeling. This desire, this longing for adventure. And that yen to try out my rusty Mandarin skills once again. These moments, I take the travel guide book from the shelf, leaf through it and the craving gets sky high: China it shall be. This huge country too many people only associate with overpopulated megacities and environmental pollution, but which actually offers so many natural wonders within practically all climate and vegetation zones of the world! So, China it is!Continue reading