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Southern Ridges - The best urban hiking trail in Singapore

Walking the Southern Ridges in Singapore

There is a certain rivalry between Hong Kong and Singapore. At least, these two cities are often compared against each other. Which one is more expensive? Which one is the better expat destination? Which one has the better airport? Now, when it comes to hiking options, it is really hard to beat Hong Kong which has some of the best urban hiking trails in the world. However, I was surprised to read that Singapore features an urban trail of about 9km length, too: the Southern Ridges. Of course, I had to try this - and so I laced my shoes for the walk.

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Hong Kong Dollar - the currency of Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong on a budget

Best Tourist attractions (almost) for free

Cost of living in Hong Kong is staggering. Tourists will get to know that especially when looking for accommodation or when hanging out for a drink in the bars of Hong Kong. Luckily, public transportation is very affordable. And there’s more good news: The majority of the most interesting sights can be visited either for free or for rather small money, too! This article shall serve as your guide to the best low-budget activities in Hong Kong that make your stay perfect without financial worries. Fifteen sights (almost) for free to enjoy your holidays without regrets!

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Hong Kong skyline as seen from Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon during nighttime - Skyline von Hong Kong Island von der Tsim Sha Tsui uferpromenade in Kowloon bei Nacht aus gesehen

15 Things I love about Hong Kong

Reasons to put Hong Kong on top of your bucket list

Yay! Finally, "All Across Asia" is live and here it is: my first blog article EVER! Well, right, it took some time and to be honest a whole lot of my friends’ persuasiveness as well until I finally realized for myself that writing actually IS something that I like just as much as to travel and take pictures, which are basic requirements for writing a blog.

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