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Most helpful apps and websites for Hong Kong - Die besten Apps und hilfreichsten Webseiten für Hongkong

The most helpful apps and best websites on Hong Kong

Essential help for planning and execution of your Hong Kong trip

Hong Kong is a modern and tourist-friendly city. Everything is also signposted in English and easily understandable. A local SIM card for your stay is affordable, however, if you want to save money on that, you can always find the next WiFi hotspot nearby., as the coverage is pretty good. Furthermore, there are plenty of apps and websites (in addition to “allacrossasia”, of course) which will make planning and orientation for your Hong Kong trip a breeze. Let me show you which sites I am talking about:Continue reading

Hong Kong on a foggy day

15 Things I don’t like so much about Hong Kong

Downsides of a megametropolis

No city is perfect. Neither is Hong Kong. Definitely not. This, on the other hand, even increases the city’s allurement and strengthens its character from my point of view. However, I want to fulfil my obligation as a journalist to paint a realistic and authentic picture, so that you won’t call my blog fake news. So, having already told you what I love about Hong Kong, now it is about time to throw the spotlight on what I really dislike about this city.

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How to get around in Hong Kong

How to get around in Hong Kong?

An introduction to transportation in Hong Kong


The public transportation network of Hong Kong is without any doubt one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world. A variety of transportation options ensures excellent connections even to the most remote corners of Hong Kong's territory. Reliable and in a high frequency, yet absolutely affordable. However, each of the different means of transport has its specific characteristics, so I thought that especially for tourists and guests a small introduction to Hong Kong’s transportation could be helpful.

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