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Nathan Road, Hong Kong, in February 2011

My first encounter with Hong Kong – and why I hated it

Six Beginner’s mistakes and how to avoid them

Hong Kong is an overwhelming city – in the truest sense of the word. Thus, it is recommendable to be well prepared when visiting, especially as most visitors only stay for a rather short term. I speak from experience, since I was not prepared at all when I first visited the city in 2011. On the contrary, me and my friends made practically every beginner’s mistake one could imagine. Honestly speaking, we weren’t really enthusiastic about Hong Kong when we left again after three days. Meanwhile, I know better: I learned to love the 852 and feel a moral obligation to let other travelers learn from my mistakes in order to avoid disappointments and facilitate a great Hong Kong experience!Continue reading

Bowen Road Sightseeing Running Track in Hong Kong Hongkong

Bowen Road – Running in Hong Kong? Definitely!

A perfect combination of sports and sightseeing

While Hong Kong is a paradise for hikers, the situation looks quite different for endurance athletes who are not really pursuing an extreme sport. Particularly on Hong Kong Island with its mountainous landscape and the crowds of people in the skyscrapers and streets in front of it, there is hardly any longer running or cycling route to pursue an open-air sports training as alternative to the treadmill in the stifling air of your gym next door. However, there are some nice options for outdoor exercises that I would like to introduce to the jocks amongst you, starting with Bowen Road, which is in my opinion the most beautiful sightseeing run in Hong Kong.Continue reading

How to get around in Hong Kong

How to get around in Hong Kong?

An introduction to transportation in Hong Kong


The public transportation network of Hong Kong is without any doubt one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world. A variety of transportation options ensures excellent connections even to the most remote corners of Hong Kong's territory. Reliable and in a high frequency, yet absolutely affordable. However, each of the different means of transport has its specific characteristics, so I thought that especially for tourists and guests a small introduction to Hong Kong’s transportation could be helpful.

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Hong Kong skyline as seen from Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon during nighttime - Skyline von Hong Kong Island von der Tsim Sha Tsui uferpromenade in Kowloon bei Nacht aus gesehen

15 Things I love about Hong Kong

Reasons to put Hong Kong on top of your bucket list

Yay! Finally, "All Across Asia" is live and here it is: my first blog article EVER! Well, right, it took some time and to be honest a whole lot of my friends’ persuasiveness as well until I finally realized for myself that writing actually IS something that I like just as much as to travel and take pictures, which are basic requirements for writing a blog.

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