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Mosque in Brunei Darussalam

Brunei – worth a trip?

48 Hours in the small Southeast Asian sultanate

Brunei Darussalam, „Abode of Peace” – for some reasons the small sultanate which shares a part of the island of Borneo with its neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia had made it onto my bucket list quite a while ago. “What the hell do you want there?”, my boss used to ask me. And, in fact, even my Lonely Planet “Southeast Asia on a shoestring”, the holy bible for backpackers and travelers in South East Asia, dedicates only 12 out of 850 pages to the tiny country in Borneo’s north. However, the attractions that were mentioned there sparked my interest: the best-preserved rainforest of Southeast Asia, the oldest and biggest water settlement in the world and at least two noteworthy mosques – isn’t that something?
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“Waiguoren, waiguoren!”

Observations of a foreigner travelling China on his own

Travelling China on your own is definitely an experience. Organizing the trip and necessary transportation is yet only one side of it, the other side of the coin are the people you meet while travelling. The further you get away from the megacities, the more peculiar the behavior of the people will seem to you, but you’ll be able to discover “the real thing”. Especially during a local train ride as sole Westerner among Chinese.

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Capsule hotels - an affordable alternative to traditional hotels in Japan


The experiment of a night in a Japanese capsule hotel

 Usually, it is close to impossible to find affordable accommodation in Japan, especially if you want to book rather spontaneously. A promising alternative – at least from the cost perspective – are the widely distributed capsule hotels. But how do those places work, actually? What about service and comfort? And who else stays there? I decided to find out for myself.Continue reading

Nathan Road, Hong Kong, in February 2011

My first encounter with Hong Kong – and why I hated it

Six Beginner’s mistakes and how to avoid them

Hong Kong is an overwhelming city – in the truest sense of the word. Thus, it is recommendable to be well prepared when visiting, especially as most visitors only stay for a rather short term. I speak from experience, since I was not prepared at all when I first visited the city in 2011. On the contrary, me and my friends made practically every beginner’s mistake one could imagine. Honestly speaking, we weren’t really enthusiastic about Hong Kong when we left again after three days. Meanwhile, I know better: I learned to love the 852 and feel a moral obligation to let other travelers learn from my mistakes in order to avoid disappointments and facilitate a great Hong Kong experience!Continue reading

Fenghuang - The most beautiful small town of China

Fenghuang – The most beautiful small town of China

Romantic old town flair in the middle of nowhere

 Imagine a romantic old river settlement with stilts houses on the riverbank, astonishingly well-preserved Chinese temples and old merchants’ shops, remaining fragments of an old city wall, historic city gates and narrow cobblestoned alleyways in front of a densely wooded green mountain panorama – all in the middle of China – and what you get is Fenghuang. Truly a small pearl in the west of Hunan near the border to Guizhou that justifies the self-given nickname “most beautiful small town of China” absolutely – at least during daytime.Continue reading

View of Hong Kong skyline after hiking up to Victoria Peak - Victoria Peak hike

Reward yourself: Hike to Victoria Peak

A nice way to escape the concrete jungle of Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s nature is mesmerizing. A pity that most visitors and tourists only plan for a short stay and never get to see the green side of Hong Kong when chasing the supposedly “must see” attractions. But it needn’t be the all-day hiking excursion in the New Territories. There are nice trails on Hong Kong Island, too. Especially the hike up to Victoria Peak is recommendable for many reasons:

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Liebster Award for allacrossasia 1

“Liebster Award” for allacrossasia!

The story behind the prize and a personal glimpse behind the scenes of allacrossasia

Hooray! Allacrossasia has been nominated for the „Liebster Award“! This is an award which is given to bloggers by other bloggers and only exists in the internet. There are controversial discussions among bloggers about sense and purpose of this award. I, however, come to a positive conclusion. This nomination helps “rookie bloggers” to draw attention to their still fairly young blogs, to expand their network with other fellow bloggers and to tell their readers a few private things they might not have known so far…Continue reading

Osaka Castle during Cherry blossom, Osaka-jo

Osaka – Japan’s number two

Five tourist hotspots under close scrutiny

Every year around the time of the cherry blossom there is only one destination: Japan calling! This year I wanted to see the castles of Himeji and Osaka amidst the blossom panorama. In order to prepare for the trip, I asked friends and colleagues for further recommendations on Osaka and got the same answers all the time: “One and a half days in Osaka are more than enough” or “Rather go to Kyoto instead”. Been there, done that, this time Osaka it should be. However, these comments basically made me even more curious about what Osaka would have to offer. Waste of time or underestimated destination? To assess this, I took a look at five different spots across the city.Continue reading

Fox multi-coloured by Thai artist Rukkit, one famous street art piece in Hong Kong

Waiting for Banksy

A closer look at the increasingly popular Street Art scene in Hong Kong


Ever since I once watched the extremely interesting documentary on Banksy “Exit through the gift shop”) during one of my many long-haul flights and participated in an equally recommendable street art tour in Melbourne later on, I’ve been walking through city centers with different eyes. The world of graffitis, stencils, posters and stickers has fascinated me ever since. Surely, I was pretty excited when I found out that there has evolved an active street art scene in Hong Kong as well!Continue reading

Daikodo, the main building of the Mitsonudo complex at Engyoji temple on Mount Shosha

Tracing the Last Samurai

Engyoji Temple on Mount Shosha – A peaceful refuge in the Himeji area

Originally, I had planned to head straight back to Osaka from Himeji on the morning of my second out of three days in Japan. Then, however, I coincidentally came across a brochure about the Himeji area and I read about one temple in the mountains close by which also served as location for the Hollywood movie “Last Samurai” some years ago. This attracted my attention and as Hikaru also recommended that site during our okonomiyaki dinner the evening before, I decided to postpone the trip to Osaka and went to Mount Shosha instead. This, in the end, turned out to be the best decision of the whole trip!Continue reading