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Best Beaches in Asia Pacific - Die besten Strände in Asien und Ozeanien

Travel Bloggers present the Best Beaches in Asia Pacific

A summary of the “My favourite beach in Asia Pacific” round-up on allacrossasia

The German langauge knows a term called “Fernweh“. This word describes the longing for places far away, the desire to break out of the daily routine and travel to new destinations. Especially in the European winter time, when days are short and cold, people like to dream themselves away to exotic places where it’s warm and life’s easy. The image of dream beaches where one can relax and let go of all the stress and everyday worries becomes very desirable. But where can one find these beaches? Where are the best places which fulfil these desires? To find answers to these questions and provide you with some inspiration for your next vacation, I asked fellow international travel bloggers with focus on the Asia Pacific region about their favourite beaches.Continue reading

My skydiving adventure in Australia - Skydive Abenteuer in Australien Mission Beach 00

Go Bananas!

My Skydiving Adventure in Australia

I would have never imagined that I’d actually jump out of a plane one day. I have friends who had done skydiving before and they told me only the most positive things about their experience. However, it never clicked or sparked my interest too much. Even though I’m into adrenaline rushes and challenges for the body and mind, hence why I ran two marathons, did a bungee jump or climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. But Skydiving? That was one of the last things I would have wanted to do. That’s what I thought. Until I went to Australia and it became kind of compellingContinue reading