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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

I am Dennis, a global citizen from Hamburg, Germany, with a passion for travelling, hiking and adventures as well as for cultures and languages, now based in Hong Kong since January 2016.

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After a short phase of initial scepsis, I have taken the city to my heart quite quickly, as it took me only a few days to get to know and love Hong Kong. Now, I feel like a million dollars living here – which is in the nature of things in Hong Kong, I guess. In order to support visitors (and residents, too, I don’t mind!) to this amazing city in getting the best out of their stay, I’d like to share some insider tips and recommendations here.

I quickly get excited when I speak of my second home (the first will always remain Hamburg) and have great fun exploring new faces of the city together with local friends or visitors from all over the world which keeps constantly reminding me of how special this city is. Thus, although being a resident, I also maintain the visitor’s view and would like to share my impressions and knowledge with as many people as possible.

What’s more, I also travel a lot in the entire Asia-Pacific region, both for business and leisure. I love to utilize the good connections from Hong Kong to get to know the many fascinating and diverse cultures of the region as well as their people, nature, sights and food.

Expat and business traveler by profession, backpacker and explorer by heart – that’s how I’d describe myself.

I am happy if I can share entertaining, interesting and informative stories that inspire, broaden the horizon and make you want to go to Asia on your next trip – if you’re up for that, just follow me on my travels All Across Asia!




PS: As non-native speaker I am sorry if my English is not always 100% perfect. I will try my very best, though, and hope for your understanding.